045: Hothouse Flowers


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"HOTHOUSE FLOWERS" is the 2nd release from CIVILS, a.k.a. Drew Kirby of Mothers and New Wives. Captured during January/February 2015 on a Tascam 424 cassette recorder, this material actually predates the debut Civils EP "Young But Ugly" - notable for being recorded in a day and largely made up on the spot. Naturally, the mileage-per-idea varied more on that release, as the songs that comprise HOTHOUSE FLOWERS boast more calculated and arranged styles that also commit harder to the genre-hopping idealism of the Civils approach.

"Winter of Early Bellow" drones & churns along like a crippled grandfather clock undergoing reanimation, chiming and climaxing to a fevered pitch before unleashing into "Fraud", a 38-second assault of lurching noise rock and fevered mania utilizing every decibel of sound a little cassette tape could ever hope to push out. It's the 3rd track before you hear anything resembling a traditional "song", and a traditional song it is - "Arielle" a dazed, slowburner in the style of the Beach Boys Left Out in the Sun For 50 Years (you know that band). "Passages (outwardly)" is an improvised acoustic guitar duet and the longest track here - but then "Meansucker" breaks that wide open with a 1:40 minute blast of sugar-sweet pop rock, moving through about 4 different hooks before giving way to the acid-fried country of closer "Cold Turkey".

"Hothouse Flowers" is full of engaging twists and packs a myriad of styles and ideas into 8 tracks totaling a brief 17-minutes. Grab your ephemera of choice & take the ride.


released January 2, 2016

Everything written, produced & performed by Drew Kirby at Cave Sound in Athens, Georgia.
Except samples of Matt Anderegg singing on #1 and playing drums on #7.
Mixed & mastered by Drew at Cave Sound during winter 2015.
"What I Am" interpolates the "Shire" theme, originally composed by Howard Shore.
Artwork compiled & scanned by Drew. "Flower sketch" artist unknown.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Fraud
Oh no i'm still feeling slain and i'm trying to find the words.
and i know that they all disdain me and all the things that i've said and done
or say and will do in the future
but if no one stood at caustic odds
and i had it all
i know that i would just be wanting more
i know that i would just be wanting more
and everyone would know that i'm a FRAUD
Track Name: What I Am
You were talking real loud when you figured out what i am.
You were staring at the screen and all your magazines
and i can't, just can't.

Though you left, you’re part of me
and you are always there completely
no, you will not ever be without my memory.

So we split a cigarette and now i’m trying to forget what i am. And i am.
You said you can’t recall what i ever said at all
but i can, i just can.
And i asked if i could stay, and you just turned away
said i can’t, i just can’t.
So i’m packing up my things and i’m grabbin my guitar
i’m go a little farther out beyond the wedded wild i’m gonna see
i’m gonna be within the oceanside or in the breeze
i’m gonna be. i’m gonna be. i'm gonna.

Oh you’ll see, you were always there, you complete me
No, you will not ever be without my memory.

And you leave with me
You are always there completely
No you will not ever be without my memory

In time, yeah you grew with me,
so i’ll see you on down the line.
Track Name: Meansucker
You want a back up now?
i've got a couple of things you oughta know by now
You wanna get around?
well i think i might have a clue for you now

I wanna go there, i wanna see my self alive
My shelf life
I don't mind the lies
I don't mind your lies when i'm tied and dry

You wanna talk it out?
i've got a couple of things you oughta know by now
You wanna come around?
well i'm done, yeah i'm done
you gotta figure it out

I'm goin to Glow
So apropos, i wanna know
Do you think of myself leaving?
Haleigh i wanna know
Do you think of myself leaving?
Oh please i just wanna know
Do you think of times before we used to fight, i know

we used to get around, we used to walk around
but now i'm downtown, i don't know anyone here but you
so i don't know what to do
... i'm just gonna stand in the corner and drink alone
Track Name: Cold Turkey
Cold turkey, well i'm bitter, indescript
Cold turkey, well it’s all been said to me

It’s all been said, it’s all been said
It’s all a rotten shame
It’s all the same, it’s all the same
You wanna know we're running from the same thing

Cold turkey, well im brittle like a simp
Cold turkey, it’s a hard act to follow, a hard act to follow
Cold turkey, i’m bitter, indolent
Cold turkey, oh when you can’t stop bummin'
you can’t stop bummin around

And it’s a damn shame, the way we waste all through our golden days
like we’re running from a past life that we didn’t learn nothin,
we didn’t know nothin, we didn’t learn nothin about.
ah, we didn’t learn nothin'