007: The Story So Far

by Kirby & The Mablets

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Recorded August-December 2010 in drew's room.
All songs by Drew Kirby except #3 by Trevor Coen.
All arrangements by Drew & Trevor, except:
Horns on #2,5,11 by Drew Swinney, on #12 by Swinney & Trevor, on #9 by Swinney & Kirby,
Strings on #1,3,8 by Stephen Gorbachov, on #12 by Stephen & Kirby,
Guitars on #7,12 by Zach Gastley & Drew Kirby.

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released May 13, 2011



all rights reserved


Marching Banana Athens, Georgia

MARCHING BANANA represents a community of artists based out of Athens, Georgia with a tendency to meld(t) outsider pop with modern DIY home recording spirit.


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Track Name: 316 East (Untitled #7)
and my mother says that even a rat learns after 50 times… but I ain’t quite hit 50, more like 45. So I’ve got a little bit longer just to try, fully try to trust your name my dear. And so I’ve got 6 more attempts until I hit 51, and I must make your makeup run. And I ain’t taken off that necklace since I turned 16 my friend… so bon voyage. So I’ll sit here tonight and write this song as I watch twilight turn to dawn, and I accept the ragged circumspect that like Adam, we all are flawed. And I know you’ve got some secrets you’ll take to the grave, and I know that I ain’t perfect cause I’ve got just the same, and I ain’t taken off that necklace since I turned 16 and good intention was led astray… left in disarray.

And I feel as if I’ll always remember your name as one I’d rather like to forget to retain… though my mother, I love her, she looks me in the eyes and says “my son, you ain’t got no reason to complain.” So I’m gonna start carving things into the outside trees because I know they’ll be around much longer than me, as if some plant could preserve my own legacy… but it’s worth a shot, I figure.
Track Name: Dehagroma
the 6:15 to Dothan, it’s leaving today. and I went down to the crossroads, but they said they ain’t heard my name. But I’ve got my survival kit, I’ve got my friends, I’ve got the blues and I’ve got my loose ends, you know. I’ve got nowhere else to else to go and seventeen trees.. Symphony, oh symphony, wear me down slow ‘cause I’m tired of this rainswept town but I ain’t got nowhere else to go. ‘Lizabeth, oh Lizabeth, I don’t recall your name… forgot all about your smiling eyes and I don’t know your birthday.

So I’m packing all my things, I’m headed to Dehagroma to pick apart a sunny day, and to start some conversation and test human relations when I ain’t got the goods to pay. Oh, so who’s got my survival kit? Where are all my friends? Who’s got the blues and who’s got money to spend on me? Cause my wallet’s growing thin to turn back ‘round and do it again. So symphony, bare symphony, tear me down slow ‘cause I’m tired of our roundabout but I ain’t got nowhere else to go. Dehagroma, oh Dehagroma whose attention I stole like the swinging of a pendulum that don’t know how else to toll. So who’s got the log tonight? Who’s getting strange? And who’s the one telling me that I won’t never change? Saying I won’t never…. no, he won’t ever change.
Track Name: Tears In Her Dress
she was a single cell for half an hour but she's felt like one for years. she's loaded her tank and started her enging but can't seem to get it in gear. at night she prays to her god and praises his love but falls asleep alone. she's thrown her thoughts away and posted them upon a bulletin, because nobody listens and it feels more like company. but rest assured, she'll get to know mercy. but the mirror knows her shame. it feels like sitting still as blaring bells are rung beside her ears. if she could merely mute them.

her dreams were too big for her comical stature and carelessness catches whoever it's after, it's hungry. emotions pour out as her tear ducts weep, the ring that she bears, a broken promise to keep. yeah it's so disgraceful. she's a self righteous sinner, an actress regressed, she's fooled her audience by hiding the tears in her dress. But somwhere in the noise, she missed a stage cue. now she feels she looks like a fool, all by herself in a crowded room.

she used to sing fa la la...

At night she prays to her god, repents in a cry, "my whole damn life is a lie! but the truth must be somewhere, help me find me." she sinks to the sheets with a pill at her lips a razor blade in her grasp, just asking how she got there. her life was too much for the child inside. she met more resistance the harder she tried. she feels too defeated and too weak to fight. the walls are closing in, and every night she prays to her god and begs for his hand to pull her to his side. but the line seems occupied.
Track Name: Veni Vidi Dormivi
So I’ll turn my thoughts to a memory of a music class, in two frontward left-hand seats occupied by a couple of kids way back in 2003.. or 4, or maybe a memory of a football game and a whirlwind yet-to-be. And you know I was high but I could surely see you were quite pretty, and we could break the seams from underneath. Girl, is this love? Just wait and see. And I was lost in you, to some degree. And something clicked, though I was just 14. Now you’ve got me going, and I’m dead crazy… so if insanity is what I must plea, so be it.

So I’ll turn my thoughts to a past September when you woke me up so early - girl, do you remember how you denied me, and in return I smiled and said I might stay awhile? Oh another day would be too late to spite the clock. Oh we couldn’t wait. And thought I wouldn’t say the timing was great, you know we’d always overcompensate. No we could never delay our most eminent fate… nor could we ever stop this rain.

So I’ll turn my thoughts to the present day, with a twisted heart and a glance I can’t escape. From broken thoughts and a daily lunchtime date, and “I’ll love you always”… but we know that’s “too cliche”. And is perfect a term, an unattainable word of some girl who’s name I have yet to learn? No, it’s just another reason I have to live. You’re my best friend, my prerogative. No, perfect’s just another adjective that to your name is a synonym. But to say “I love” and to say “I forgive” won’t ever stop this rain, no.

And I’m not saying this has to last forever! No, I’m just saying that Time couldn’t steal these past few years together. So promise me maybe, Maybelline, that you won’t never change the way you are because I’ve never loved no one, no I ain’t never loved nobody more.
Track Name: One That Got Away
& I always told you that I’d write you a song, until you came in early June this year and told us all “so long”. so I’m racking my brain for some sort of subsistence, and quelling my thoughts cause they’re fucking relentless… but I ain’t never felt this way, you’re the one that got away. Oh, come back to me! I’ll treat you right, when the Sunny State ain’t so kind. I’m a mess, but I’m obsessed and I can’t stop wondering why the summer stars tonight have lost their sky. and I always told you that we’d both run away… but now it’s been quite a while and a thousand miles. I guess we’ll never see that day. So I’m racking my brain trying to find some answers, and searching the shores for the smallest of dancers because I ain’t never felt this way. You’re the one that got away.
Track Name: That 808 Song (Not A Hot Hit)
Oh no… tell me where to go. I’ve broken the surface, I’ve surfaced the plateau. But no… I said I don’t even remember the signs, the losses, the lessons, the fame… I guess undressed, they all feel just the same. And I guess no rest can make you feel this way. So just go away, no work at three. I ain’t got no work today, because my wallets growing thin or rather just shrinking in size. To try and battle all these interests, and balance them in rhyme? Well all these me’s I have to represent must just be taking their time. But I know what must change in these wrinkled lines.

Well there’s some stars hung from my cieling that glow in the dark at night, and sometimes I see all that’s left of me reflecting in their decent light. Cause there was a man beside a radio and he wants to know my name, but I know my plea and it’s clarity… but to them it’s all the same. And there’s another with a flashlight, and Spike thinks he knows it all. But there’s a loophole in that authority, because pride they say comes before the fall. And I’ve been living a life of excess, and I’ve been flirting with my mortality. Oh I’ve had some nights, I’ve been read my rights, hiding teeth and shaking knees.

But I know that I must change in my crippled mind. Oh, my soul telling tales untold… so I shut my eyes. I pick my baggage up - oh god! It weighs a ton, because I just can’t accept that I’m really no one.

So now I’m wading in the water and drowning in shallow seas, because I’m desperate for the godhead… but I’m pouting so handsomely. So I escape into my mindframe, and the view is so serene… but there’s a knock on a barred window, and I snap back to reality. And my father is there in an instant, eyes are singing songs of woe as I await my fate by letterbomb. A failure’s all you’ve come to know. So I’ve started reading How-To books, to learn how to do some things because somewhere along this ride, I swallowed my pride but now I’m just choking.

Cause I know that I can’t change, and I wonder why. My sister is finally home, mother starts to cry and she tells me that she still loves me, and I reply the same. Because I tried to get over myself, wound up under this shame.

And so who can save the righteous? And who can say I’m wrong? And who’s to say what we do today keeps it all rolling along? So if all of us are players, and all the world a stage, then let’s take five cause I feel just fine… no, I don’t want to turn that page just yet. So maybe my efforts are futile, or maybe I’m just not at my prime, but I know in honest conscience no one will remember this line - so what was it for?
Track Name: Part II: Taste of Water
If that’s your so-long song to me girl… well, here’s my farewell song to you. We’ve been loving boulders for far too long and speaking thoughts long overdue. So I’m breathing just to pass the time, and sleeping just to stay alive, and biting my tongue not to speak my mine or to even speak at all. So if my time has come, tell them I’m not ready to go. Because all will be right on some someday, and these photographs cash in on cold cliches. And I’m shining like your gemstone babe, but you won’t even look my way.

Oh, and everybody’s just about as languid as the day as we waste our oxygen and we spite the clock away. This is our slowly draining masquerade. This is our always waning cruel charade. And I’ll take one step forward, twelve steps away, but it won’t ever stop this rain.

So I will pull you in close, I’ll pull you in near, and I’ll lovingly let you down my dear. I’ll pull you in close, and I’ll love you sincere… but I’ll lovingly let you down.

And I’m lost inside the world you tried to create me. I’m done, cause I’ve done all I can. I can’t demonstrate the lack of attention in breeds. This lack of subsistence but you know what I mean. And I’ll pull you in close, I’ll pull you in near, and I’ll lovingly let you down my dear